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The new 2019 Source Exclusive CCM JetSpeed Control skate is packed with great upgrades behind it that makes this a skate designed with elite level upgrades for that Elite/Competitive player. Just like all of our Source Exclusive skates we start with a base model and add on to it upgraded features, this time we have upgrades from both the FT490 and the FT2 skate.New from CCM this year we have the XS holder with bladelock technology to make replacing your steel on the bench quicker & easier, this is our first upgrade that comes from the FT2 is the XS +2mm BlackSteel.  Some of our other upgrades we have are an upgrades brass top eyelets and an upgrades 7MM felt tongue w/molded LaceBite + protector. 


The exterior of the boot is made from a  two piece rocket frame composite boot construction that has been 3D molded to provide improved heel lock and stability. The two piece composite construction helps reduce the overall weight of the skate by not using traditional quarter package construction. 


On the JetSpeed Control skate we have a 7MM felt tongue with a molded lacebite pad, this style tongue is one of the preferred tongues at custom with it’s light weight feel while still giving the padding it needs and fit to the top of the player foot. 


As mentioned above the newest creation from CCM is the XS holder with bladelock technology that is designed to make blade replacements quicker and easier so you don’t miss a shift. The JetSpeed Control skate comes with the upgraded XS +2mm BlackSteel runner, this runner is treated with an oxide coating to help you keep an edge longer. The overall height of the steel is 12% taller compared to the standard blade which will give you a better turning radius as well as longer blade life.

For those looking for aftermarket replacement steel we now have Step replacement steel available in both regular & blacksteel.




Helping  these skates dry out even quicker we have an upgraded TotalDri Pro liner that comes from the FT490 skate. This will help the boot dry out quicker between games, the liner also has an upgraded abrasion patch across the top three brass eyelets for increased durability in this high wear area of the skate.