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Our Source Exclusive CCM Ribcor Platinum skate offers great comfort and performance for that competitive player, the Platinum model is based on the Ribcor 68K with great upgrades from the 70K model. 



The exterior of the boot is made up from a 3D lasted composite material with flex zones built in the eyelet section of the skate to enhance flexibility for better range of motion in skating stride so you can get that nice long stride. With the flex zones in the boot this will also allow for deeper and tighter turns for those times where you need to make that quick turn on the spot.  The top eyelets of the skates have also been improved with the addition of a brass eyelet for better durability.



The tongue on our Ribcor Platinum has been upgrades to the Tri-Tech 7MM Black felt tongue, this tongue comes with additional lace bite padding built in to the tongue to help give you additional comfort on your foot as well as reducing the chances of lace bite from occurring.



Providing you comfort in the skate we have a totaldri liner with built in abrasion resistance zones which are in the top area of the skate, this section receives constant wear and tear as it’s right in the spot that gets the most rubbing from the skate tongue & shin pad. On the upper collar of the skate you get an additional comfort pad to help when you are making those tight turns and the top area of the boot can rub on your ankle, this will help reduce any discomfort when making those turns. When you slip your foot in the skate you will notice the multi-density memory foam in the ankle section of the skate, the idea with this foam is that you will get the foam to fit right around your ankles the moment you put your foot in the skate to not only provide comfort but improved stability in the boot. 



CCM has the SB4.0 holder on our Platinum skate with an upgrades SB Black coated runner from the 70K skate, the addition of the black steel will increase the blade life & edge life of your blade so you can get a longer life out of your sharpening.