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New for the 2019 season we have the Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goal Skate, this new version of the Vapor model has improved with subtle changes made to the fit of the skate which they feel will provide better on ice performance. 

The new Vapor X2.7 replaces the previous X700 model but unlike previous years where this price point was more of a cosmetic upgrade, this time it has some considerable upgrades. One thing for starters is the boot is no longer a tech mesh construction they have upgraded it to a new 3D injected PU quarter for improved durability performance. Keeping in line with the other 2019 Vapor goal skates this model features the redefined Vapor Goal skate fit for increased flexibility and comfort. 


The blade on the skate has gone from the LS1G stainless steel to new much taller LS1G+, the added height in the steel provides not just longer life out of the blade but also gives the ability for the player to have a more aggressive stance. The Lundy style loop on the skate has also been made larger to make it easier to fit the new CRS boot strap or a traditional leather boot strap through it.