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New for the 2019 season we have the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goal Skate, this new version of the Vapor model has improved with subtle changes made to the fit of the skate which they feel will provide better on ice performance. 

Much like the 1X the 2X pro is a composite boot construction, what is different though is they have gone with a Carbon Curv composite material which is a lighter and stronger material overall. With the fit Bauer has redefined it by introducing a redefined Vapor Goal fit that will provide additional comfort while in your stance and still keep you locked in the boot. Helping you stay locked in the boot is a new LockFit Pro liner with a re-engineered Aeroform memory ankle pad which is designed to better shape to your ankle so you will stay locked in the boot. With the Vapor skate being the more flexible of the two families when compared to Supreme, Bauer has put in this skate a new Dynamix Flex tongue that will help increase your range of motion when moving in the crease while still providing the comfort you desire.


The blade on the skate has gone from the LS3G stainless steel to new much taller and longer lasting LS5 Carbon Coated steel, the carbon coating on the blade is designed to help keep your edges from wearing down during game play so you will be able to get a longer period of life out of the blade. The Lundy style loop on the skate has also been made larger to make it easier to fit the new CRS boot strap or a traditional leather boot strap through it.

For those with unique foot shapes or after a more custom fit, the 2X Pro is available in custom.