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New for 2019 is our Source for Sports exclusive Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro skate which offers tremendous value for that elite level player. Our new Shift Pro is loaded with great upgrades like, a newly designed asymmetrical toe cap, upgraded recoil felt tongue and LockFit liner just to name a few key upgrades that we have on this model. One thing that Bauer has made a slight change to on the new Vapor skates is making the forefoot area a touch more generous fitting, outside of this the skate keeps that typical Vapor fit that is great for a player that needs that low volume fit.



For that Elite Level player the X Shift Pro is made from a 3D lasted Fiber Composite Quarter material with a built in X-Rib pattern, this construction gives the boot a light weight feel and is easy to be molded around the players foot out of the skate oven. The upper edge of the boot has a built in comfort edge which will help prevent the feeling of the boot digging in to the ankle area of your foot when making any sharp turns, it also helps prevent any unnecessary wear from occurring.



On the X Shift Pro we have a 48oz felt recoil felt tongue with a built in lace bite guard, this tongue is a great upgrade from the stock tongue as this tongue is found on the Vapor 2X model. The recoil tongue offers great comfort for the player wanting a traditional feel with added protection.



Found on the X Shift Pro skate is Bauers Lightspeed Edge holder which has a built in trigger to give you the ability to conveniently change out your steel in the event of a blade breaking or losing an edge. With the X Shift Pro we have an upgraded Tuuk LS3+ Black steel, the LS3+ steel is  a taller in height for steel which will provide you with the ability to turn tighter and have a longer life out of your blade, adding the coating for the Black steel to this will also increase the length of your sharpening life.   



The X Shift Pro has an upgraded Lock-Fit liner with a built in wear patch along the upper eyelets to help provide added durability in this high wear zone. The Lock-Fit liner will provide comfort thanks also to the built in Aero Foam Memory foam ankle pad, this material will also really shape around the players foot through the heat molding process.