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New for 2019 is our Source for Sports exclusive Bauer Vapor X Velocity skate which is built just for that performance level player. Our new Velocity Skate is full of value behind it with an upgraded LS1+ Black steel runner, 48oz felt tongue W/ built in lace bite protector plus a combination liner & ankle padding to not only help lock your foot in the boot but to give that instant comfort when you slip your foot in.

Bauer has made a slight change on the fit of the new Vapor skates, what they have done is made the forefoot area a touch more generous fitting for additional comfort while not sacrificing fit, outside of this the skate keeps that typical Vapor fit that is great for a player that needs that low volume fit.



For that Performance Level player the X Velocity is made from a 3D lasted Polycarb  material with comfort edge padding, having the added comfort edge padding will give that player added comfort in knowing that even through the tightest of corners that comfort wrap will help prevent that part of the boot from digging in. Going with this polycarb boot will help the skate work in a much easier, especially for that player who is skating 1-3 times a week.



On the X Velocity we have a 48oz felt tongue with an injected metatarsal guard that is an upgrade from the X2.9 model, this tongue is a great upgrade from the stock tongue found at this level. The additional metatarsal guard will help reduce any lacebite pain as well provide comfort while the skate gets worked in. 



Found on the X Velocity skate is Bauers Lightspeed Edge holder which has a built in trigger to give you the ability to conveniently change out your steel in the event of a blade breaking or losing an edge. With the X Velocity we have an upgraded Tuuk LS1+ Black steel which is designed to help increase the life of your sharpening.   



The X Velocity comes with a green Microfiber liner and built in memory foam ankle pads