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New for 2019 we have our Source Exclusive Vector Pro Pant which is based on the Tacks 9060 model with upgrades from the 9080. This family of pants from CCM offers an anatomical fit to the body while still having the classic CCM pant shape.


The exterior of the pant is made from a lightweight 400D nylon which offers a lightweight feel while still being to hold up against the battles in the corner. This pant comes with ability to be lengthened by an extra inch with a simple zipper around the waist area of the pant, this is a great option for that mid-season growth spurt when you don't want to work in new pants. Keeping the pant on your waist is a traditional loop belt system which is connected to the stabilized belly pad (upgrade from the 9080) to make sure the pants stay in place along with the belly pad.


CCM continues the use of it's well known technology, JDP ( Joint Dispersing Protection) along the hip portion of the pant to make sure that any impact had in that portion of the pant it will disperse over the entire area, we also have an added PE Foam along the kidneys for extra protection without taking away mobility or increasing weight.


Much like the kidney padding on the pant we see a molded PE cap with foam for great protection from any blocked shots or impacts, also along the inside section of the thigh we have the ability to widen the width of the leg on the pant for those players who like a wider feeling leg or prefer to put the skates on before the pants. The Vector Pro pant also features an added PE spin protector that is fixed to the pant so you have full coverage at all times, especially for those battles in the corner or out front.