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Our new 2019 CCM Source Exclusive RIBCOR Titanium. skate is just as loaded with great upgrades as it’s previous model. With all of our great SMU skates they all start from a base model, with our Titanium skate we have started with the RIBCOR 76K skate with upgrades from the  78K & 80K skate. The Titanium skate features the RocketFrame composite boot construction that gives added performance for that elite level player.



With CCM’s RocketFrame construction is built with increased flexibility in the top portion of the boot without sacrificing lateral support so you can get the most out of your stride and not lose any power when coming out of a corner. 


On our RIBCOR Titanium skate we have went with the 7mm Black Felt tongue, this style tongue gives you the right level thickness for comfort, protection and not affecting how it fits across your foot with the boot. 



This has been CCM’s biggest upgrade to date, the addition of the SpeedBlade XS holder gives you the ability to quickly replace your steel, helping keep the steel in the holder is a lock-dial system that securely fastens internally with what CCM is calling it’s bladelock system. CCM has included in our Titanium skate the XS1 Stainless +2mm runner. The addition of the extra 2mm in the steel helps increase your turning radius and also provides an additional 12% of blade height when compared to the standard blade. 

For those looking for an aftermarket replacement steel we offer Step Steel in both the regular version & Black Steel. To see those blades please follow the links below





The boot is lined with CCM’s Total Dri liner provides comfort when you slip your foot in the boot while still allowing the skate to dry out in a timely manner. The top eyelets are also lined with an abrasion resistance material to provide added durability in this high wear zone of the skate, we also have on the upper portion of the boot has a built in comfort pad so you don’t need to worry about that section digging in when you make that hard quick turn. The one minor upgrade that we have here on the Platinum skate is from the 80K skate are the top eyelets being Brass constructed, this is a stronger construction in this high wear area of the boot.