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The 2019 Bauer Vapor Flylite stick is the first stick from Bauer that features technology from both the limited Vapor ADV model along with technology from Easton since Bauer acquired them. This is a stick that we have been waiting for from Bauer since they acquired Easton and they did not disappoint us by enhancing the elliptical taper technology to get a quicker release and additional stability for better puck control.


Bauer has taken the Flylite in the sub 400g area coming in at 390g, they have achieved this by bringing from the ADV family it’s advanced carbon layering technology that goes from the top of the shaft right down to the blade. The 1X lite had this ACL technology in the blade where the Flylite it is the entire stick, this way of layering the carbon is a big weight saver while still maintains the durability that is expected from a stick with this level of performance. The construction is still the light weight and well balanced through its monocomp technology.



Since Bauer acquired Easton we have been patiently waiting to see if and when Bauer will come out with a stick using technology  from them and the first stick with technology from them really knocks it out of the park. This new Flylite stick is the most impressive Vapor stick thanks to not only being powered by ADV technology but also the new XE taper technology. The XE taper technology is Bauers version of the elliptical taper zone that came from the Easton family but with Bauers ability to enhance something that was already great, at first look the taper is thinner in shape with rounder edges on the top & bottom areas of the hosel with added stiffness in the taper to maximize the energy pushed through to the blade for an even quicker release.



Continuing from the 1X Lite Bauer has stayed with the popular feeling & performance AERO-SENSE 2 blade core for a pure shot blade profile with ACL technology for reduced weight and enhanced durability.