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The new Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix skate is built for that performance level player who wants a skate that will give them maximum power in each stride along with great stability. The new Supreme Matrix skate offers a classic Supreme felt tongue from the 3S Pro plus the addition of the LS5 Carbon coated runner.


New for 2020 Bauer has eliminated the Nexus family of skates while introducing a new 3 Fit system that will allow the player to choose which family of skate they want to go with based on their style of player rather than having to wear a specific family based on their foot shape. The 3 fit system also eliminated the traditional D & EE widths, instead now the player will be fit in to either a Fit 1,2 or 3, the 3 fits are similar to the previous families of skates. 

Fit 1 - Narrow Width & Lowest Volume ( Similar to Vapor )

Fit 2 - Medium Width & Medium Volume ( Similar to Supreme )

Fit 3 - Widest Width & Widest Volume ( Similar to Nexus )

Bauer also is introducing a new Intermediate size chart, the intermediate size range will go from 4 - 6.5. This system is currently only on the new Supreme skates with Vapor still following the previous size chart.



The boot still has the same fit from previous Supreme skates with a slightly wider forefoot, additional depth across the instep and a nice snug heel with extra padding in the ankle to really lock your foot in the boot. Helping your skater get the most out of each stride the quarter panel of the boot is made from a fibre composite material with new Motion Flex technology. This new Motion Flex technology is designed to stabilize the skate on your foot while allowing the skater to get a deeper flex allowing for more energy to be transferred to the blade. Helping keep your feet dry throughout the game the skate has been lined with a black Lock-Fit liner to help reduce the amount of moisture staying in the skate to make sure your foot stays in place, pairing this liner with additional AeroFoam memory foam will help make the skate fit right to your foot.


A big upgrade this year for our Supreme Matrix skate is the addition of the LS5 Carbon coated blade, the carbon coating on the blade will provide a longer life out of the sharpening.