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The CCM Tacks Vector Premier skate is exclusive to Source for Sports for that elite level player looking for a great value high performing skate. With the Vector Premier skate it is built with a similar construction from the Tacks  9380 skate with some big upgrades from both the AS3 & AS3 Pro skates. Some of these upgrades on the skate are the Speedblade XS1 Black Steel Runner (AS3 Pro), TotalDriPro+ Liner (AS3 Pro) and the replaceable Asymetrical TriTech tongue with additional lace-bite protection (AS3). The fit of the Tacks Vector Premier is an anatomical fit by providing a full 360 degree fit around the foot to ensure your heel, ankle & forefoot are secure in the skate, as well this skate also features CCM 90 day Satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy with this skate within 90 days it can be returned for a full refund.



Our Tacks Vector Premier skate has a meta frame boot construction with RFM Composite materials to provide a stiff quarter package to help provide as much energy transfer through the boot with each stride and the stability when making quick lateral movements or pivots. To help keep the players feet dry we have the same TotalDri Pro+ liner from the AS3 Pro skate, this liner provides maximum moisture wicking properties as well has additional durability zones around the top eyelets which are where most wear occurs on the inside of the skate.



New for 2020 CCM has introduced an easy to replace skate tongue, as the game has evolved  so has preference for how they have their tongue worn on the skate. The tongue has two prong at the front with a clasp system to ensure the tongue stays in place and doesn’t come out. The main benefit behind the replaceable tongue is the player can customize how the tongue works with how they wear their shin pad with either a slightly longer tongue for those who prefer the shin pad sitting behind the tongue or wanting a slightly shorter tongue if they prefer wearing the shin pad overtop the skate tongue. The stock tongue thickness is 7MM but CCM does offer separately a low profile 3mm tongue or a extra thick 10mm felt tongue, these tongues can also be used to add or reduce the amount of volume in the skate.



CCM first introduced the XS holder lasted year on the JetSpeed & Ribcor family of skates, we now have it available on the new Tacks family of skates and our Source Exclusive Vector Premier has a big upgrade with the XS1 Black Steel blade from the AS3 Pro skate, this steel has an oxidize coating on it to help keep the life of the sharpening lasting longer but in the event of a lost edge with the quick release dial the blades can be swapped out between shifts with ease.