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The new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic stick has been re-designed to better suit todays game, previously the Supreme family of sticks were designed for maximum power to be generated through a full slap shot or wrist shot but with the new Sonic Taper Technology on the UltraSonic stick that is no longer the case.



Coming from the Supreme ADV the UltraSonic is built with the same Sonic Taper, this taper will reduce the amount of carbon fibre used in the shaft with it's unique geometry while maintaining a light weight construction with great durability and performance. This new taper will also allow for maximum energy to be transferred from the shaft to the blade for all shot types.



With Bauers new ACL ( Advanced Carbon Layering) technology it has allowed the Supreme stick to become more versatile for a variety of shot types. This new way of layering the carbon will make it easier for the player to lean in to their shot maximizing energy to the blade.