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Based on the new Supreme Mach pad we kept things on this pad spec wise stock just in some great looking colour so you don’t need to wait for a custom set.
Some changes we did make on the pad is going with a centered toe bridge for better recovery when coming back from up from the butterfly and sticking with the bungee elastic strap and already added to the pad the Supreme strap at the upper calf of the leg.

External Construction

We see a new external material being used called SL1D3R Skin Technology, this new one piece material gives what they were looking for, maximizing slideability so you can get across the crease even quicker than before. The new skin on the pad is stronger in construction increases the durability of the pad while also working to maximize speed that the puck comes off the face of the pad. 

Strapping & Construction

Working to provide a better connection for the goalie to the pad they've gone with a new TUNE-FIT + strap system that allows for a single strap going across the leg with the adjustment for above and below the calf so the fit can be dialed in to your specs.  Going with the new TUNE-FIT + strapping system is a new Calf Support which combines a new molded calf pillow and bracket built in to the calf plate, the new calf plate geometry provides great balance while in the butterfly. Providing a full seal along the ice in the butterfly is a 120 degree boot and the same STABISLIDE knee block with it's L shape that connects with the pad for reduced flex between the pad and knee block. 

Working inside we have the 151 ShockLite Core Pro with added CURV composite in the thigh to keep that rigidity in the pad which Supreme goalies enjoy.