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New for 2021 Bauer has changed the game with this year new Vapor HyperLite skate, this skate is designed for maximum flexibility for that quick & agile skater.

New on this model is the ability to change style steel you want on it and with that we have a new steel available, the LightSpeed CarbonLite blade. This new CarbonLite runner is made from actual carbon fibre which is a very  strong & durable material that is great for transferring energy and reducing the overall weight of the skates. We still have the Pulse TI & Pulse steel available as well. 

Working our way up we have a totally new HyperFlex outsole that is constructed for improved agility with a softer heel & stiffer front toe section to really allow your foot to manuever without any delay. Keeping with agility Bauer is bringing a new HyperFlex facing which is what we've seen before with the injected facings but we can see they have notches cut out from the top section to allow for even better flexibility and really playing on that agility theme we have seen on this new model.

For great foot comfort and keeping you locked in place we have a new AeroLite tongue that is very soft on the foot but strong structurally for added lacebite protection, keeping you locked inside the boot is the new AeroLite Pro interior padding for great comfort and the strong Lock FIt pro liner that will keep your foot nice and dry and stable in the skate.