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Replacing the previous top end Supreme UltraSonic skate the new 2022 Supreme Mach brings back that classic Supreme look but behind this subtle design are some big changes. Sone big changes are a new facing technology for improves range of motion, improved tongue & a new boot material, we also see you have the option to choose what type of steel you want to go with from the standard LS Pulse, Pulse Ti for better sharp life to the top level Carbonlite that’s even lighter and more responsive. 


So with the 3 Fit system introduced on the previous Supreme family of skates but not at this price point. This system gives you the choice based on your foot shape to wear a skate that matches your skating style rather than going to a family of skate that may not fit your skating style. Fit 1 is your Lowest volume/narrow width, Fit 2 Medium volume/average width & Fit 3 Largest volume/Widest width.


The new Supreme Mach boot is a 3D lasted 12K Carbon Curv composite that makes the boot light weight and able to really form around your foot with thermoformable properties. Keeping it easy to get as much energy and power to the ice we have the same Unibody Powerwrap Technology from the Ultra Sonic, this firms up the lower section of the boot to help all the energy you’re creating in your stride to go right to the ice with no effort at all. 


Keeping your heel locked in place with all the power coming from this boot is Bauers Lock-Fit pro liner with Aerofoam Ankle pads that are built even thicker to help with the heat molding process and really thermoforming around the ankles and the upper section of the boot. You also have added grip print in key areas to provide additional heel lock support.


With the idea for this skate to help get as much energy transferred through the boot to the ice they needed a tongue that can help get that extra push needed to get more out of your stride. They took a page out of the book from the Vapor 2X Pro and it’s Recoil tongue for maximum flexibility, the Powercoilt tongue for the new Mach has an increased recoil speed and with this faster recoil built in to the tongue is what will give you that extra push with each stride. Working with the Powercoil tongue is the improved Reflex tendon guard that has notches built in for improved flex while still being strong enough to go back for your next stride.


With the game becoming so quick and the need for replacement steel almost a necessity we have on the Supreme MACH Bauer's LightSpeed Edge holder with the quick release trigger so you can have a spare set of steel at home or in the bag. With so many great options from Bauer for steel they are now giving you the choice for what steel you want your skates to come with.

LS Pulse- Comes with a high polish finish and increased height for greater turning ability and a standard 10ft Profile.

LS Pulse TI - Comes with a Titanium coating for added edge retention, a mirror finish plus added height for a greater turning radius and a standard 10ft Profile.

LS Carbonlite - Carbon Fiber construction for maximum weight savings and rigidity to ensure maximum power coming out of the corner and a standard 10ft Profile.