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Keeping the great feel of the G-Netik V Catcher & Blocker with removed vent ports and full Senior glove size on the catcher. 

The G-Netik V glove has a 35 degree break angle that is a very natural feel and gives you a wide open shape to really take those pucks in. Brian's addition of BRI-CORE on the cuff of the glove really gives it some real stability when closing up that hole under the arm without adding any weight. We also have a massive Double T pocket with skate lace and cord lace mixed to make sure the pocket keeps it shape and the skate lace to really keep those pucks in the basket and to make sure you can get your hand in the right spot with good connection we have the HEX-AIR floating wrist strap with BOA technology so you can get that wrist strap as tight as you want without losing range of motion or worrying it'll come loose. 


This matching blocker is very comfortable with a neutral hand positioning and a squared off profile for maximum blocking surface, underneath we have BRI-CORE added to maximize the speed the pucks come off this face so you can direct those pucks to the corner or to your winger. Brian's has also redesigned the thumb with a more shorter design and reinforced it to help when your in a paddle down position. Like the catcher we have BOA technology here for the wrist strap with also a soft well cushioned cuff for maximum comfort.