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New for 2022 Brian's is bringing out the new G-Netik X5 series, built off the similar platform of the G-Netik X with an updated graphic for the new G-Netik V. Like the G-Netik V we have a game ready glove with a super deep pocket to keep those pucks right where you need to them to your glove. The matching blocker has a well balanced feel and flat face design to really help you angle those shots to the corner. 

The G-Netik X5 Catcher has the same 35 degree break angle that has made the G-Netik a real popular glove for the goalie who is a great catcher and likes to play the puck. We have a double T pocket with traditional cord lace and a one piece cuff to really seal off the gap between the glove & your body for those in tight shots. Keeping you connected G-Gnetik V at the wrist is the more traditional nylon wrist strap with the same SBA floating wrist strap and plenty of internal straps to customize the fit for your style. One thing Brian's has done is gone with a laced in flat finger design for better consistency with it's closure so this glove will snap shut the same way each time.  

Brian's with the G-Netik X5 blocker is a more squared off board with a low & open cuff design for improved range of motion. Knowing covering the 5-hole from wrap arounds means going paddle down we have a more beveled end of the board to help you feel more balanced when down in this position while also keeping your fingers properly protected. Now for those in tight shots to really close off that 6th hole we have a laced in sidewall with HD foam to keep that area tight to the body and not allow anything from squeaking through.