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The new CCM Super Tacks AS2 shares some of the same technologies from the AS2 Pro stick to help bring a stick with great value and great performance. CCM brings back it’s X-Flow shaft technology and Sigmatex back to this stick to help not only bring down the overall weight of the stick by 10g but to help improve the overall balance of the stick without sacrificing durability. New on this stick we have a new ACU X-Stiff blade construction which is CCM’s stiffest blade so far, the stiffer blade still comes with great feel and improved shot control. The AS2 stick is still a visually clean looking stick with the majority of the shaft being a black base with hints of the Super Tacks yellow to call out the family of stick it is.



The AS2 is built around a mid kick style stick which means it has a soft mid section of the shaft so it can hold that shape longer allowing you get as much energy built up, helping maximize the energy to transfer from the shaft to the blade is a stiffer taper zone near the blade that will allow that to stay in line to the shaft and not get out of shape which will result in lost energy. With CCM combining these two technologies in the shaft it will allow you to lean a bit harder in to each shot you take with confidence behind them.



With CCM coming back with it’s X-Flow shaft technology this helps reduce any excess resin and voids to help bring the overall weight of the stick down and combining that with Sigmatex has improved the weight and balance of the stick but contributed some added durability.  To help the overall balance they have added a new ACU X-Stiff blade that is considerably lighter even with the addition of a tactile material added on to the blade that helps give a much better overall feel and control. The shaft of the stick is also coated with a tacky grip material that has become very common on most sticks these days as it helps improve control by reducing the chance for any slippage to occur when taking a shot.