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Continuing to evolve & grow the Jetspeed skate line CCM has enhanced the previous FT4 Pro skate with some great changes to the new FT6 Pro. The new FT6 Pro gives even more value to that elite level player who is looking to get the most of their skate and feel confident with each stride and corner that they take.


Continuing with the one-piece boot with the Game Ready Fit  that was first introduced on the AS-5 Pro. The Game Ready fit is a process where they have the boot formed around a foot mold in the factory so when you first slide your foot in the skate you feel the boot wrap more around your foot compared to previous models with a straight wall that does not give that same feel. With this Game Ready fit it will enhance even further the skate molding process so you get an even better connection to your foot and with the one piece construction it can be slightly modified in the molding process to get areas even snugger or wider where needed. Building with the NHL-caliber composite material provides you the weight & durability needed for that elite level player. Providing support and enhancing the energy transfer we have a 195 grade stiffness for the boot, this sit below the Tacks family for stiffness which will allow for quicker acceleration and all around speed no matter which direction you are going. 


With the powerful one piece boot and enhanced build for maximum energy transfer CCM needed a well designed tongue and moisture wicking liner to keep you in the skate. Going inside we have a TotalDri Pro + liner with Polygiene added to allow the skate to not only stay dry keeping weight down but also takes away any odor from staying in the skate. Underneath the liner we have the Multi-density foam pad that acts like memory foam to really shape and wrap around your ankles for maximum comfort and connection. Holding you down we have a Metatomic tongue with a lightweight molded core & ADPT memory foam to really wrap around the top of your foot for that real connection to the foot and also provide comfort from any lacebite. 


The tendon guard has had a nice change to it by adding Carbon for protection and stiffness while becoming more flexible than before to give a real natural flex to allow maximum range of motion for you to get even more out of your stride.


We see the SpeedBlade XS holder with the quick release dial and on the FT6 Pro it has the enhanced dial that is 136% larger than before, this way you can get an even better grip when the dial is wet so you can easily swap out your blades between periods or games. Giving you the best blade available CCM has gone with Step's Black Steel that is 4mm taller than the standard XS steel to give you better turning radius and with the carbon-coated technology will give you maxium glide with each stride allowing for even more speed and better connection. With the ice. The blade comes with a standard 10ft radius of the shelf but given the game and how it's evolving with your request we can change that profile to something different to better suit your style of play.


CCM has continued with the 3 family fit with Regular ,Tapered & Wide for the elite level skate, the 2 primary fits follow how the two models fit prior to the three fit system. So the tapered fit will be your Jetspeed fit which is narrow & lower volume, Regular is most similar to the Tacks with a anatomical fit with a medium level of boot volume and then the wide is the largest with a wider ankle & boot volume.