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Brand new for 2021 the CCM RIbcor Trigger 6 grows from the previous Trigger 5 with some big additions, new on the stick is Skeleton+ technology that will really make sure the stick is consistent with each shot. 

We first see a new design that really works with the traditional green colour from the Ribcor family, once you pick it up you'll feel the overall weight of the stick and a new full carbon shaft with a unique layup that will help reduce the overall weight of the stick without sacrificing any durability at all. 

Keeping with the common Ribcor shaft geometry we see CCM using an improved E shaft shape geometry along with a unique shaft designed in the CCM performance lab, we see a rounder concave design to the middle of the shaft and once we hit the middle of the shaft rounded convex back of the shaft and a rounded concave design on the inside of the shaft. This unique shaft geometry will provide greater control allowing for even easier.

Helping pucks come off the blade we have an improved taper zone with the new Skeleton+ taper section, the design behind this new taper is to really drive the energy form the shaft of the stick through the blade so you can get the puck off your blade just as quick as you got it on the blade. Now to keep this on the blade we see the Ascent 2 blade with a peel & ply textured blade, the blade itself is stiffer through the toe to allow the puck to stay flat through the shot while being soft at the heel so you will have great control in both your passing game and stick handling.