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The new True Catalyst 9X is one of the lightest goal sticks today and they've done it while also  improving the overall balance of the stick to make it feel great in your hands and increased the durability. 

For the shaft of the stick True has gone with a double concave wall with squared sides, the sides are made with a new Precision Laminate Design layering system that angles the carbon in the manufacturing process to improve the overall strength of the shaft without adding any weight. Moving to the paddle is a redesigned braided rib design which help dampen the impact from the puck so you don't feel the vibration through your hand, as well this system increased the durability and doesn't make the stick feel blade heavy either. 

For those goalies who like to actively play the puck the new 9X has a new mid kick profile that will help you be able to play the puck easier so you can really get that puck to one of your forwards for a breakaway.