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New for the '22 season Vaughn has built upon the SLR2 with some added changes to make it even better. The big change we see on this model is a built in knee block connected to the pad for even better stability down in the butterfly and a tighter seal to the ice. 

The core of the pad is made from Vaughn's new Pure Composite core that is used in the shin portion of the pad combined with carbon fiber layering to give maximum pop on those rebounds. They have also used it on the inside edge of the pad creating an even firmer perimeter helping reduce any pucks from getting through on the ice. The shape of the pad is a more L shape compared to the S shape of the SLR2 and this will help those goalies after a firmer pad in comparison to the SLR2. 

Keeping you connected to the pad we have the Rotation Control strap at the calf with a magnetic clip to hold you in place, we also see that the leg channel has been slightly widened while providing a complete wrap around the leg for improved protection compared to other Ventus models. Helping with mobility Vaughn has moved to a softer boot flex to help with easy push offs and make it comfortable for the goalie that utilizes various butterfly techniques.