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Skate Sharpenings

Skate Sharpening: $8.00

Flat Bottom V: $10.00

Figure Skates: $10.00

Skate Profile: $40.00

Skate Sharpening Card: $60.00 / 10 Sharps

When it comes to skate sharpening, there is NO OTHER PLACE you should take your skates. Our sharpening staff consists of the most experienced and trained professionals. Players of all levels, including a very large group of high-level hockey players (AAA, Junior A, and Semi/Professional) trust nobody but us.

Why Trust Our Sharpening Experts?

Our staff is dedicated to making your skates not just sharp, but perfect. Following a precise sharpening technique, our staff makes sure to deliver a consistently levelled sharpening. Using Blademaster Sharpening Machines and Equipment, and utilizing The Just Hockey technique means we can guarantee you will be coming back for your next sharpening.

Our staff will take the time to discuss any problems you might find with your edges or blades, and are always eager to find a way to make your sharpening perfect every time.

We fix hundreds of skates a year that have been sharpened at other stores, or local rinks. Bring your skates in and ask an employee to see if they are levelled to the Just Hockey quality standard.

We sharpen on 5/8" standard for players, and 3/4" standard for goalies and figures.

Flat Bottom V sharpening also available.

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