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Sr. Hockey Stick



Product Description

  • Finish: Matte Grip
  • Shaft Shape: Square Corner Double Concave
  • The patented XCORE blade technology (patent # 8,628,437) will transform you in to a more accurate shooter by producing on average 30% more spin on the puck on contact. This leads to cleaner, heavier shots that will help you hit your target with more precision, more often.
  • The strategically positioned XCORE insert in the blade provides the industry’s first true “wood like” feel with unparalleled puck control when receiving a pass or handling the puck. XCORE gives new meaning to the term “having the puck on a string”.
  • Also features TRUE’s industry leading Smartply, Axenic and SmartFlex Technologies.
  • Full carbon twill weave on 100% of the stick.
  • Made TRUE for: Any level of player who seeks to improve shooting accuracy and puck control.

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