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New for 2019 we have the Warrior Alpha DX stick with some minor tweaks to the stick, but not too much of a change to make the previous Alpha stick user disappointed. Warrior has also maintained a similar graphic look while still adding enough visual pop that it was very visible in the playoffs.

Warrior continues with it’s True 1 Phantom feel construction to help keep the sticks as light as possible without sacrificing durability or performance, they have improved upon the blade and it’s construction. New for the DX is a new FuelCore blade that is designed to increase the speed that the puck comes off of the blade so the puck will get to it’s target even quicker than before, they have also not taken away any durability in the blade but somehow increasing it’s durability. We also have a lighter weight stick ( 395g Sr) in part to the use of the new Minimus Carbon 1400D material, this new construction is Warriors most dynamic and elastic shaft material yet which is a major contributor to it’s 15g weight difference from the Alpha QX Sr Stick. 

The new DX still has the powerful Sabre Taper technology built in to the stick, this taper fits a wide variety of players needs as it is a combination of a mid and low flex point. Having this flex point gives the player more options to either get a quick shot off or make a crisp pass as the blade feel is still on the softer end of the spectrum. This ability to take any shot with maximum consistency and accuracy while giving maximum blade feel when giving or taking a pass is making this a very popular construction as it does not limit you to one shot or game style.

This is an exciting 2019 for Warrior with the new Alpha DX stick as they have created a super explosive stick that gives consistent pop on every shot without sacrificing durability, if you are a previous Alpha stick user or someone that is after great blade feel, superb pop and enhanced durability than we think you should really take a look at the new Warrior Alpha DX stick.