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New for 2023 the JetSpeed Protective line has gotten even lighter with pro level protection and new technology to keep you feeling cooler throughout the game. Some new technology we see here is Aer-Tec which is a thermoregulation system that will keep your body cool.

Protection & Fit

CCM has come up with a way to combine protection and breathability in these shoulder pads with the new Aer-Tec technology. The Aer-Tec system includes a full exposed foam only design and the same ultra lightweight U-Foam in the shoulder caps with a strong EEP core that provides you the protection you need while still remaining very mobile like previous versions. This design still has a low profile fit with caps that sit right to your body for maximum range of motion.

Chest & Spine

Keeping with that breathability story we see an Aer-Tec suspension system built to the sternum of the body and helping that air travel through the unit we have on the back various ventilation ports. For those bump in the corner & the front of the net the sternum & spine both have we have a compress-molded HD shield to provide impact absorption for those high impacts. The sternum as well  has a HD foam base with molded Zotefoam and enhanced rib protection to really fit around the body properly.

Bicep Protection & Adjustability

Like other high impact parts of this unit the bicep is made from HD molded foam with added vent ports to help the body stay cool with that Aer-Tec technology. Offering a more customize fit we have an adjustable Velcro tab that allows you to bring the bicep guard higher or lower depending on your needs for that personalized fit.


The new Aer-Tec Suspension system that is throughout this unit allows the new FT6 Pro shoulder pad to not need that much of a liner as most of the parts are suspended while you're playing so any moisture coming from you has no place of contact on the shoulder pad. This allows the unit to stay dryer keeping it lighter and you cooler throughout the game, areas with a liner on this unit have been treated with Polygiene & Odor Crunch to keep the gear smelling fresh.