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New for 2022 the Ventus SLR3 Jr Glove & Blocker set, we see an improved feel with a right out of the box game ready snap on the glove with a well balanced with maximum protection and coverage matching blocker. The pair have adjustable straps to give you a better customized fit to the hand. 


The new SLR3 glove has a wide open face with a deep Single T with skate lace pocket and a large one piece cuff & thumb design to give you maximum coverage. Keeping the back of your hand protected we have added HD foam finger protectors and a flared cuff to give you the range of motion needed while provide added coverage. We also have a much wider natural shape giving you the look over a larger pocket to help swallow up pucks while maintaining a 39.5" perimeter which comes with a reinforced finger edge at the perimeter to help keep the gloves shape.

Internally we have a grip liner with added padding in the palm for additional protection without taking away that game ready feel. You also have a padded wrist strap with numerous straps inside to really give you a fit for your hand and how you like your glove to be worn. 



Going with what we expect of Vaughn blockers to be light weight with great balance and this is the same on the new SLR3 blocker. We have a full binding less design with a  tapered bottom section of the board to allow you to get a tight seal to the ice and making sure your fingers are fully protected. The inside board has added HD foam inserts to maintain it's shape while providing maximum blocking area, behind it is a removeable thumb pad for just that extra layer of protection and a two piece finger protector with HD foam on top of the fingers for added protection.

Helping get pucks away is a full HD internal board with added stiffness to really help you direct the puck where you want it to go. Making sure you get those pucks directed where you want them to go is a new palm overlay that reduces moisture from staying on the surface of the palm so you get a better grip of your stick.