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Making their newest stick even lighter with the new Super Novium, this is Warrior's Mid-High flex profile stick that is ideal for power shots with maximum accuracy and control. We see some updated tech on this stick with the Bevel Taper for loading the shot and using both Minimus Carbon 25 & R.L 199 throughout the stick to keep it lightweight and durable. We also have the FUELCORE T blade core for the most responsive blade in Warrior's lineup. 

Flex Profile

Even with the game getting any faster Warrior has felt there is still a demand for a flex profile for that player who really likes to flex their stick while shooting and storing up as much energy as possible. With this we have the Super Novium that is a mid-high kick point that is located higher than the middle of the shaft, this is designed for the player who shoots just like that. The Bevel Taper we see at the bottom of the shaft, this is ideal for maximum control as it can maximize the energy stored up without losing anything in your shot. 

Shaft & Blade Construction

With a stick with this flex profile we notice the shaft has a more squared off shaft shape to really allow the player to get as much flex out of the stick and providing maximum control. Warrior's use of RL199 with it's higher strength fibers that have 40% higher modulus and tensile to achieve both an incredible lightweight feel and response and maintaining durability. The durability comes from the continued use of Minimus Carbon 25 that is a flat carbon weave which is optimal for adding strength due to it not being susceptible to crimple. Working our way down to the blade we have the blade wrapped in Minimus Carbon 25 for strength and durability with the FuelCore T blade that can handle the most intense game situation while providing maximum power for each shot with laser like accuracy.