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With it's unique design the YBell series works as a kettlebell, double grip medicine ball & push-up stand. Which means that with a grip change makes it an equipment change so you can go from doing kettlebell swings to bicep curls with just a slight change of your grip. This makes it a great piece for someone that doesn't have a lot of space in a room as you won't need multiple weights with this piece.

Dumbbell — Center Grip

The dumbbell is universally recognized as home gym free weight equipment. When you hold the YBell by its center handle, the weight is evenly distributed around the hand allowing it to serve as a dumbbell.

Kettlebell — Outer Grip

When holding the YBell by any 3 of the outer handles, the weight is bottom loaded which then emulates a kettlebell. Kettlebells are are seen by some as the best free weights to buy for home, but why have just a kettlebell when you can have more?

Double Grip Medicine Ball — Under Grip & Double Grip

If we're talking best free weights for home use, then we can't leave out the double grip medicine ball for those transverse style movements. When holding the YBell by 2 of the outer grips, you're able to emulate double grip medicine ball type movements

Push-Up Stand — Top Grip

Lastly, push-up stands are also seen as some of the best free weights for home use. However, you can't do much more than push-ups with them. With the YBell, simply place 2 of them on the ground and their wide base of support allows you to perform push-ups safely and effectively while also catering to other movements such as renegade rows and weighted plank rotations.